Michael Wollenberg
Financial Advisor
Mike Wollenberg is a Financial Advisor with The America Group. He specializes in helping his clients find the money they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Mike’s goal is to increase his client’s future standard of living by utilizing what he knows to be true about money. He strives to utilize strategies that help make his clients more money without needing to take on more risk. Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with an emphasis in International Business and a minor in Chinese from Missouri State University. To complete his degree, he also went to college at Shaanxi University in Xi'an, China. He is set to graduate from the University of Missouri Saint Louis with an MBA in Finance in 2020. Mike is currently licensed for the Series 7, 66, and Life and Health insurance. Positively impacting the lives of others through maximizing the efficiency of their hard-earned dollars is one of Mike's passions. He believes that he can positively influence his clients not by telling them what he knows to be true about money, but by showing them exactly what he implements for himself. Mike is most proud of mentoring new students that joined in his fraternity. He helped establish a system of accountability for time management and keeping a high GPA. He remembers how stressful his first year of college was and takes pride in helping new students maintain a positive college experience. If Mike could have dinner with anyone, real or fiction, he'd choose George Washington and Michael Scott. As a history enthusiast, the American Revolutionary War is one of Mike's favorite time periods to study. As for Michael Scott, his dinner parties seem like they'd be a really fun time. Mike spends his free time appreciating the outdoors. He enjoys his free time, hiking, mountain biking, bow hunting, fishing, and golfing. One of Mike's favorite experiences was getting to hike on the world’s most dangerous hiking trail on a sacred mountain in China. This hike is completed during the night, so you can view the sunrise on the very top of the mountain while America was viewing the sunset.

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