John Head
Financial Advisor
Chesterfield Office
John works with people who are ready to take their next step into money clarity, purpose, wealth creation...people who are ready to fortify a legacy. For his clients, this might mean busting your misconceptions, working within your core beliefs, having peace of mind, or all of the above. He is truly humbled to have the opportunity to be in the financial services industry working with families, business owners and individuals to help them to gain deeper clarity and achieve their financial goals. John comes from a hard-working middle-class family that always expressed the value of saving, disciplined money management and investing. As a youth, he tagged along with his father to weekly investment club meetings, not fully understanding the impact it would have later in his life. Fast forward twenty-five years and a couple of degrees later (business & commercial art), and he holds both Securities Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, and a Missouri State Insurance License for Life and Health. Having the ability to impact future generations through increased financial literacy is a huge responsibility that John doesn’t take lightly. He’s passionate about making sure his clients are well informed and educated about the financial decisions they’re making to secure their family's future. He’s most proud of the fact that God has shown him both grace and mercy throughout his life. He loves snowboarding, golfing, drawing, fashion, design, painting, creating various forms of artwork, live music, sporting events and spending time with family and friends. He also attends The Spirit Church, art festivals, visits museums and volunteers. Getting married and having his first child have been his most memorable experiences. He would like to have dinner with his favorite actor Denzel Washington, and Robert Johnson because he admires his business acumen. He’s a huge fan of Soul, Jazz and Blues music, and doesn’t watch a lot of TV or movies. He would rather read or create something using his imagination.


  • Triple Crown Award (Edward Jones) - 2013 & 2012

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