Debbie Nelson

Financial Advisor

Debbie joined The America Group in 2005, and serves as a financial advisor helping individuals, families, and businesses plan today for a secure financial future. She works with clients to establish a comprehensive financial plan including, but not limited to, stocks, mutual funds, fixed income, insurance, real estate, and annuities. She learns their unique situations and uncovers short-term and long-term financial goals. By not using a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach, she can find the best strategy for each client.

She has a MBA with Finance Emphasis from Lindenwood University; and a FINRA Securities Licenses 7, 24, 63, 66; Life, Health, and Variable licensed in multiple states.

Her satisfaction comes from helping clients plan for and achieve a dream. When she works with a client for decades and gets to be a part of their life, helping them with life changes along the way, she finds it thrilling to see them reach a goal. When she sees a client buy a home, fund a child’s education or retire from working after 30+ years and finally get to do some travelling in their retirement years, she’s so happy for them and proud that she helped put them on the path.

Her greatest achievement is her wonderful family, her husband of 35 years, her 3 spectacular grown children, and now, her 2 precious grandsons.

She grew up in an extremely modest home sharing a bedroom with her sister and sharing one bathroom with her six-member family. They did not have much but she did not know that at the time. As an adult, she looks back and remembers dragging mattresses into the living room where they had the only window unit air conditioner, and remembers the joy of the few times her dad would bring home a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to her family that never went out to eat. She remembers two working parents with her dad always working two jobs. Despite what many think, Debbie came from modest beginnings and learned so much from her parent’s example over these formative years.

She and her husband recently drove to the top of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and watched the sun rise. It was the most beautiful thing she’s seen. Most of her free time is spent with her family, like a date night with her husband, or going to a movie with one of her kids, or taking her grandsons on a golf-cart ride to go play at a park.

Fun Facts about Debbie:

  • Favorite Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music – movie
  • Favorite TV show: Friends – We have to have some humor in our life!

Debbie Nelson

Financial Advisor
Chesterfield Office

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