Sherri Jones Pearcy*
Financial Professional
Vienna, IL

The south is known for its hospitality; and at The America Group Sherri shares that gift, especially with her clients! She grew up in the heart of the south, Memphis, TN. Sherri offers everyone in her office hot coffee, tea or ice-cold water. Many people compare meeting with her to spending time with a friend. Even though talking about finances and the future can be difficult, Sherri provides confidential, skilled guidance in a comfortable and disarming atmosphere.

Sherri and her husband of 30 years have four children, and she understands the challenge of balancing stable family finance with the desire to enjoy life. It's not uncommon for her to help clients find money they are spending without even knowing it! Years before officially joining this industry, Sherri advocates for her father and other family members in areas of insurance, financial stability and future planning.

She enjoys developing relationships with clients and supporting them as they continue toward future goals. Sherri also specializes in legacy planning, ensuring clients passions continue to be supported for generations to come.

She spends most of her time working with clients on life insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, and property & casualty insurance, and is most passionate about helping others. She loves being there for family, friends, clients and even strangers, and really enjoys making a positive impact in the lives of others. She however does not like attention to be drawn to her, she does better as a cheerleader for others. Some of the ministries she is involved with are: Hope Unlimited Family Care Center, HaYovel International Missions, Starfish Ministry, Frontline Ministry, Our Thrift Store, The Ministerial Alliance, local United Way, The Ronald McDonald House, local food pantry's & homeless ministries.

Sherri graduated with BS from the University of TN, Martin in 1988, and she is most proud of her savior and Lord Jesus Christ. She is also proud of her family, her great grandparents, grandparents, her mother and father, her husband and children. They are the loves of her life and the spark in her eyes! She’s an only child, and was a flight attendant for American Airlines for seven years.

Traveling is Sherri’s favorite thing, and she loves quick trips with the minimum luggage. Her very favorite trip was a trip to Israel in 2009 with her whole family. They lived with another family in an apartment in Aerial, Israel on a working mission trip. She met people from all over the world & denominations, and it was life changing and gave her such a love for Israel. Her second favorite trip was in 2010 with her oldest two children. They went to Peru on a mission trip to an orphanage. If Sherri could have dinner with anyone, she would like to sit and listen to how President Trump takes all the criticism and just keeps going.

She spends her free time with family, and enjoys tennis, swimming, golf, projects around their farm, skeet shooting, hunting, vacationing, and just relaxing around the dinner table catching up with family & friends.

Sherri’s favorite movies are Amazing Grace, Steel Magnolias, Ben Hur (Old Version), The Pursuit of Happiness, Confessions of A Shopaholic, The Blindside, and The Help.

* Sherri is not affiliated with The O.N. Equity Sales Company or O.N. Investment Management Company.